Akon! Part of my ghetto half set-up and loot!

This year was a fun~ Thank you to everyone who came by. The alley had a loooottt of really wonderful/talented artist this year and I got to meet and visit with a lot of people! 8DDD

My neighbors this year were the lovely and fantastic betrayal-and-wisdom and fictograph. @u@ (I’m so sorry if I got up in all ya’lls space behind the table. I brought way too much crap this year. orz) I commissioned fictograph to draw me Rapunzel and she did such a beautiful job I thought Rapunzel deserved a picture of her own~ ^^ (Thank you again Grace!!)

I also got to do art trades with daniellesylvan, shakusaurus,
betrayal-and-wisdom, fictograph, aoineko,Newsha-Ghasemi(and it was nice meeting you raisloversakura!), radtastical, rachcsa and jorshtama! Plus a few others that either didn’t catch your web name, bought, or randomly found on my floor. xD It was good seeing you guys again plus many many peopleeee~~

And raiderchris bought me a giant pink alpaca as a late birthday present which I have named Brad~~ Yayy Brad~~ He’s so cute an’ fluffy~~ (and I am borrowing your picture. hurhurhur)

and and..Disney Voltron because it’s cool yo. I wish I had moneys to buy it. Being responsible is hard.

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